A night at the movies

01. July 2013 Concerts, News, Photos 0
A night at the movies

We’re very sorry to have to report that Angela will be phasing out her commitments with the quartet over the next couple of months, as she’s now moved away from the area.  We’re on the lookout for a permanent new member, but in the mean time we’ve been very happy to welcome David Budd who is coming to help us out over the summer.  David played with Carmen at the Walden Big Band before going off to university, and he’s back for a few months.

Royson Cinema

Our first outing with David in the line up was as the pre-film music at a gala evening at Royston community cinema.  The cinema is a great story of the local community in Royston pulling together to convert the old town hall into a local cinema, run largely by volunteers and putting on a variety of events involving films and other entertainment.  The quartet were playing at a showing of ‘The Great Gatsby’ so we had a programme of American music to fit the occasion.

We wish the cinema every success with their new venture.  We’d heartily encourage anyone near Royston to go along for a great evening out in a lovely venue.

Whilst we were there we also tried out a new person for our line up.  After our recruiting success at the jubilee last year, we were less impressed with Holly.  Trying to play with a cigarette holder in your mouth doesn’t really do anything for your tone.

Holly Audition