A busy Christmas

12. February 2014 Concerts, Photos 0
A busy Christmas

I realise I’m a little late writing this up, but I thought I’d share some of the activities the quartet got up to over the Christmas period.  In the run up to the festive season we’d been expanding our Christmas repertoire (mostly due to a slew of great new arrangements from Maria) to the point where we had a full set of festive music – and we were determined to use it.


We started off on the 3rd December playing for the Newmarket town centre Christmas evening.  This is an annual event to launch the Christmas lights in the town and where all of the shops break out their Christmas spirit and mince pies.  The quartet were playing on the stage in the Memorial Hall where the Christmas fair and Santa’s Grotto were also situated.  This was an early December event so we dressed warmly, but we needn’t have bothered – it was baking hot in the hall, and the heaters were pointed right at the stage, so although we started the evening in festive jumpers, we were down to t-shirts by the end.

Our next outing was for the Duxford Christmas market.  I think our reputation had spread as we were positioned right next to the mulled wine stall and in addition to playing we got a good chunk of our Christmas shopping done from the excellent craft stalls which were in and around the church.

Finally we finished off the year by playing for the Christmas part of the Royston Rotary Club.  We met this group earlier in the year when we played for a gala evening at Royston cinema, and they were kind enough to invite us back to their end of year celebration.  They were an enthusiastic group, who were very keen to join in singing with the tunes they knew – even where the knowledge of the lyrics outside the chorus was somewhat sketchy.  Everyone had a good time and it was a lovely way to finish off the year.