Meet the Quartet

simon_wilburtonSimon Andrews (Soprano / Alto)

Simon has played sax and clarinet for over 20 years. For much of that time he played with Birmingham Symphonic Winds and the S4P sax quartet. Since moving to Cambridge he played with Cambridge Symphonic Winds and still plays regularly for the Umbrella Big Band and intermittently for Huntingdon Big Band.  He also loves performing in shows and regularly plays with Cambridge Operatic Society, Cambridge Theatre Company, St Ives Music and Drama Society, and others.



Sally Gogna (Alto)

Sally was originally a regular dep with the quartet, and played with them for an extended period when Carmen took a break to have a baby.  We were delighted that she was able to join the quartet full time when John moved on.  She is a music teacher who plays in various bands and orchestras in the Huntingdon area.  She also plays in pit bands all over the Cambridge region where she regularly bumps into other members of the quartet.





Maria McElroy (Tenor)

After 20 years of (mostly antipodean) big bands and musicals, Maria still relishes the challenges of playing in a quartet. She also plays alto saxophone with Blue Skies Big Band (Saffron Walden). Also a piano teacher, Maria has recently enjoyed being Musical Director of shows with Wilburton Theatre GroupCambridge Theatre Company and CAT Theatre Company





Carmen Garlick (Baritone)

Carmen has been playing the saxophone for over 15 years, and holds a BMuS (Hons) from Lancaster University. Carmen also MDs and plays in the Umbrella Big Band and the Blue Skies Big Band.






Other Quartet Members

The quartet line up has occasionally changed over the years and we also have a few players who occasionally when we need to expand the line up, or fill in when one of the regular members is unavailable.

Angela Bennett

Angela played with the quartet from 2010 – 2013 and we were very sorry to see her leave when she moved away from the Cambridge Area.

Angela had her first taste of saxophone quartets on tour with the University of Newcastle Wind Orchestra in north-west NSW (Australia) in 2001, and remains convinced to this day that they are one of the most perfect of ensembles. She also plays the flute, clarinet, and trombone, and can be regularly found on the tenor and baritone saxes. She is addicted to playing in shows.






John CottonJohn Cotton

John played alto with the quartet from 2013 – 2017 as well as being involved in many other joint musical ventures with members of the quartet.  He’s still active in various musical groups around Cambridge, playing in the Galaxy Big Band as well as doing shows for several different local companies.






david_buddDavid Budd

David used to play regularly with the Walden Big Band with Carmen until he went away to university.  He has filled in to play with the quartet when he’s back in the area.