A busy Diamond Jubilee weekend

19. June 2012 Concerts, Photos 0

Over the long bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee the quartet had been booked to play at three events over three days.

The first was a community festival on the Haslingfield recreation ground. The whole village turned out and there was a wide variety of stalls, games, food and musical entertainment. Although the sky was occasionally threatening the rain thankfully held off and everyone stayed dry through the event.

Unfortunately the same could not be said of the next day. The quartet were due to go back to Belvoir Road, for whom they performed on the occasion of the royal wedding but unfortunately the rain was relentless through the whole day, so reluctantly the residents decided to postpone the event and are going to try to hold it in a couple of weeks.

The final weekend event was for the residents of Field Way in Cambridge who were holding a street party. The rain had mostly stopped, but occasional showers came over a few times during the afternoon. The quartet were strategically positioned just in front of an open garage so that should the rain start up again we could shuffle back into the shelter and then re-emerge once it had passed.

Our strategic positioning next to an open garage in case of rain.

The Field Way residents were extremely hospitable and welcoming, plying us with copious quantities of food (especially puddings!) and drink during the afternoon. After the music there was a quiz which we participated in, but contributed very few answers – most of which were handled by a collection of small children.

What the audience lacked in size, they made up for in enthusiasm.

The highlight of the day though was the appearance of a special guest, who we admitted as an honorary member of the quartet.

The latest honorary member of the quartet.