Promenading to the ball

22. June 2013 Concerts, Photos 0
Promenading to the ball

It’s May ball time again! The quartet were playing at two balls this year, and in contrast to last year we managed to arrange it so that they were on different nights this time.

Our first outing was the Queens’ May Ball.  We’ve never played at Queens’ before and this was particularly exciting for Maria as she works in the Queens’ schools’ liaison office.  This meant that she had her own private set of groupies who recognised her when we were playing.

The quartet were effectively opening the ball in that we were playing right next to the main entrance as the gates opened.  We were a little concerned when we were setting up as there was a man swinging a rather large sword right next to us (to open bottles of champagne), but fortunately he stayed clear of us.

Queen's May Ball

It was a lovely warm evening and it all went very smoothly – eventually – after a minor initial mishap when Maria forgot the keys to the room where all of our instruments were stored.  The porters came to rescue us though so all was well.

Our second ball was at St Edumund’s college.  Before we got to the ball though we stopped off in Bourn to play a short set at the Bourn proms.  This is a regular event featuring musicians of all levels from in and around the Bourn area.  We played there two years ago in an event which was memorable for being both the hottest concert we’ve ever played, as well as having our most enthusiastic audience.  This year’s event repeated both of these conditions and we were warmly received in every sense of the word.

Later in the evening we played at St Edmund’s May Ball.  We were situated in a darkened corner of the casino and tried to give the event a suitably laid back, and slightly sleazy atmosphere.  St Edmund’s proved to be a lovely event – much more relaxed and informal than a lot of the other balls, and we had a great time.

That’s all of our May Balls over for this year.  I guess we’re on to garden party season next…