Recording some cool music

09. February 2015 News, Photos 0
Recording some cool music

After a busy summer one of the things left on the quartet’s todo list for 2014 was to arrange another recording session. We hadn’t produced any recordings since John joined the quartet so we wanted to have some new material which better represented our current line up.

We had a gap in our schedules in mid November so decided to give it a go. Previously we’d used the Queens’ College Chapel to record in, but during November it’s very busy. Also it has a very effective heating system (good), which is quite noisy (bad), so this time around we looked elsewhere. We ended up asking the warden of St Mary’s church in Swaffham Bulbeck if we could use their building and were very happy when they agreed. St Mary’s is a lovely acoustic to play in – it’s in a quiet village so no external noise, and the heating would be completely silent since it would be turned on!


We ended up spending around 5 hours recording new material. We had quite a big wish list of pieces we wanted to cover and we got through most of them. The sound in St Mary’s was quite different to that in Queens’, the echo is far less so the sound of the quartet is a bit more immediate – good for doing some of our livelier repertoire. By the end of the session we were satisfied that we had some good material laid down. We were also freezing.

A few weeks of sporadic editing later and we have 10 usable pieces from the session, possibly not quite enough to fill a CD on their own, but we’ll be using them to produce a sampler for people who’d like to listen to us for potential future bookings. We’ve also put highlights of these up onto the website so that everyone can hear the new additions.  We hope to do more recording in 2015, hopefully at a slightly warmer time of year.