Anyone for tennis?

11. April 2014 Concerts 0
Anyone for tennis?

Quartet Tennis ClubOur recent concert at Cambridge Lawn Tennis club was something of a departure for the quartet.  This was the first time we’ve done a full concert programme without having another act to support us.  Knowing that you’re the only ones who determine whether a paying audience has a good evening or not is both a responsibility and an exciting opportunity.  The quartet had a load of pieces in their repertoire which they don’t often get to play out in public and having a full concert to ourselves gave us an opportunity to give these some public exposure.

The tennis club itself was a very welcoming environment.  We were in a fairly cosy room which accommodated around 40 guests who were either seated around cafe style tables, or (even better) were on very comfy looking recliners!

The programme was a real mix of styles from classical to swing. We pulled out a few of our old favourites as well as challenging ourselves with some of the harder pieces we’ve been rehearsing for ages but hadn’t played out in public.  In addition to the formal part of the evening there was also an opportunity for audience participation where Maria had constructed a musical quiz based around recognising TV and Film theme music.  If we learned nothing else from the evening we now know that very few people can recognise  the music from both Star Wars and Sex and the City.  The music was also interspersed with an excellent home-cooked buffet provided by the club which both the audience and the quartet enjoyed.

The evening was a great success with gratifying comments from audience members at the end and a healthy boost to the finances of the club.  We look forward to coming back to the club at some point in the future.