Blowing the audience away…

19. May 2011 Concerts, News 0

Last Saturday saw the Cam Quartet playing at the Harston Rec Fest, an outdoor music festival aiming to raise enough money to replace the outdated play equipment in the Harston recreation ground.

The festival ran from lunchtime to late at night, and the Cam Quartet did a 45 minute set on the main stage to open the festival.

After weeks of fine dry weather the day of the festival was the point at which the weather started to turn.  Fortunately the rain held off, but a very strong wind was blowing.  When combined with a stage tent which was a sort of tunnel, and funnelled the wind over the stage the audience were treated to the dual entertainment of live music, and a floorshow where music, magnets, stands and occasionally players were blown all over the stage! The audience rose to the occasion, even joining us on stage at one point to help hold things down, and a fine time was had by all.

The event ended up selling out, and in addition to playing the quartet raised an additional £140 by auctioning off their services for an event in the “auction of promises”. Hopefully Harston is now much closer to the total they need to build their new playground.