Around the world

25. September 2015 Concerts 0
Around the world

The quartet were very happy to be invited back to Barton church to present another concert to help raise money for the church.

It’s always nice to do some more formal concerts as it gives us a chance to pull out some of the more extravagant parts of our repertoire which don’t work well as background music.  When we looked through the types of pieces we wanted to play we found that there were a number of these which came from different parts of the world, so we thought we’d make this up into the overall theme for the concert.  Our title was therefore “Around the World with the Cam Sax Quartet”.


Once again we got a great turn out for the concert – from where we were standing the church seemed to be pretty much full.  We went round the world travelling East, starting off with a pasodoble in Europe before moving through classical and kelzmer pieces from Asia, a Beatles tune(!) for Australasia, an African jazz inspired piece and then a tango from South America, marches, trad jazz and Glenn Miller from North America before finishing up back where we started.  We admit that some of our connections were a little tenuous, but we reckon the final flight plan was pretty convincing.


We got some very generous comments back from the people we spoke to afterwards during the customary tea and biscuits which Barton always provide.  We were pleased to hear that the church raised over £340 pounds for their appeal from this event.

Hopefully we’ll find an excuse to continue this tradition, and we’ll be back in Barton again before too long.